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24, 25, 26 - June 2024
IEML, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR
Show Timing- 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Hackathons & Workshops


TeachersHelpTeachers-India International Education Expo organises EduThon for Educators –

Eduthon is a three day event to be hosted at IIEE grounds. The main purpose of Eduthon is to offer a variety of experential learning experiences for the teaching community and help them come together.

What can you expect at the EduThon:
  1. Learning through workshps
  2. Networking
  3. Display of Teaching aids – Hackathon
  4. Games – TAP-A-Thon ( games based on 21st century skills )
  5. Job Opportunities
  6. Certificate of participation
  7. Loads of Prizes
Who can attend :

For all K12 educators across boards and grades

Day 1 Agenda :

  • 11.00 am – Discussion on NEP
  • 12.00 Pm – Workshop on Humour in classroom
  • 1.00-2.00 Pm – Lunch
  • 2.00 Pm – Workshop on Work smart for 21st century teachers
  • 3.00 Pm – Break
  • 3.15-5.00 Pm – Hands on Activities / Games for 21st century classrooms

Please fill the following google form for participation in the Learn-A-Thon event


Creative Teaching Aid- Hackathon
What is it :

Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom. Teaching aids not only help reinforce a skill or concept but also relieve monotony or boredom by presenting information in an interesting and exciting way by engaging all the senses of students. Good teaching aids play a vital role in enhancing learning. Many teachers in the country are involved in making teaching aids and improvised apparatus for demonstrations in their classrooms. However their isolated efforts in the schools do not get recognition at any platform except their own schools.

THT always tries to find and recognize hidden talent and continuing this tradition it is providing the teachers a platform to showcase their efforts in development and use of innovative teaching aids through this competition.

  1. All teachers willing to participate need to apply online on the website and fill the Google form.
  2. Entry without Google form will be considered void.
  3. A school can submit any number of entries in different / same subjects.
  4. The teacher(s) may make a teaching aid/material for any one topic/ multiple topics or any one theme of a subject of any one grade or multiple grades.
  5. The teaching aids to be prepared/created for the students of Pre-Primary/ Early years, Primary/ Middle level, Secondary /Senior Level and Special education.
  6. The teaching aid/material that needs to be exhibited, should be prepared in advance and got to the venue for display. No material will be provided to the teachers to set up the teaching aid. Teachers can come in early to the venue to set up the aid if required.
  7. The teaching aid/material may be a visual aid / audio aid / audio – visual aid; projected or non – projected. So the teaching aid/material may be a chart, game (board/file folder/any other), puppets, cartoon(s), mobile technology, models, cards, videos, etc.
  8. The items or the material used to prepare or create the teaching aid/material may be purchased/ designed by the teacher himself/herself / computer generated / any other and is readily available.
  9. Use of biodegradable or recycled products/material in making teaching aids shall be appreciated and given extra marks.
  10. Multiple uses of a teaching aid and its use across grades and subjects will be given preference.
  11. The participating teachers/ schools have to bear all the expenses related to participation in the competition.
  12. Certificates will be awarded to all the participating teams/teacher.
  13. The winning team will need to submit their teaching aid to THT.
  14. The venue and the date of the competition details are as mentioned on the website.
  15. The Display of the Teaching Aid shall begin by 12.00 Pm, In case the teacher would like to come in early to set up the aid, the same can be accommodated.
  1. Display includes the teaching aid/material along with a brief write up.
  2. The content of the write up includes the following
    • Name of the Team Members with School Details.
    • Name and Brief Description of the Teaching Aid.
    • Materials used
    • Instructions on how to use the Teaching Aid.
    • Benefits of the Teaching Aid to Students and Teachers
  3. The write up needs to be mailed contact@teachershelpteachers.in, with the subject line- Teaching Aid Hackathon. In case of queries you can contact the helpline number of THT- 7304877679
  4. The participants to demonstrate the use of the teaching aid/material in 3-5 minutes.
  5. The participants will have to bring their own supporting material eg. laptop, internet connection, tapes, charts, etc. for displaying their teaching aid/material.

The teaching aids will be evaluated by a group of experts on the following criteria:

S. No. Criteria
1 Originality and Creativity
2 Adaptability – Easy to make, cost effective, time efficient and the material used.
3 Ease of use – Easy to use and demonstrates usability in classroom settings /use of recycled material.
4 Educational Significance/ Instructional Appropriateness – The aid /material prepared/created is appropriate; encompasses the significance of teaching the topic on which the aid has been prepared; matches the grade level of the target audience and supports their learning or facilitates achievement of learning objectives.
5 Professional appearance/quality.
6 Presentation and Demonstration of the teaching aid/material.
  Total Marks
GOOGLE FORM for Participation :


Event curated by TeachersHelpTeachers


Teachers at play is an initiative by THT to help teachers learn the 21st century skills in an experiential manner.

The games are based on the following 4 pillars :

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Communication
  3. Critical thinking skills
  4. Collaboration skills

Come and experience the joy of playing these games on all the three days thus making it one of its kind of experience for all educators.

TAP-A THON- 30 April 11.00 am onwards
Come with your family and experience the joy of playing.